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Back Office stock control and reporting software





Maintaining effective stock control is important in all types and size of business, but it can be critical in the smaller one. Fidelity Total Control with Stock gives hospitality and retail operators the tools and reports to manage this critical and time-consuming area of the business.

No matter what the type of business, effective stock control is built around four facts:
(1) What you have on hand
(2) What you have on order
(3) What you have sold
(4) What you need to order

Failure to manage any one of these can mean being out of stock or overstocked on an item. To make matters worse, changes in customer demand and preference mean changes in your purchases. Fidelity Total Control with Stock manages all of this and the result is significant savings in both time and money.

- Stock Movement
- Wastage Summary
- Stock Valuation
- Days Stock Left
- Delivery (GRV) Summary
- Stock Audit
- Stock Below Minimum
- Supplier Summary
- Historical Stock Levels
- Throughput
- Stock Consumption
- Current Stock Levels
- Stock On Order
- Stock Transfers
- Stock Potentials
- Stock Variance

As with Total Control, all reports can be exported into Excel.

Total Control with Stock comes as standard with modules for shelf edge label printing    and connectivity to hand held terminals for deliveries (GRV) and price checking.

Estate Management Software for Control of Multi Site OperationsTotal Control Corporate is a complete centralised management system giving control over multiple sites. Full central control over the product file at each site is achieved using ADSL. Deliveries (GRV) are entered at site and transferred to head office as part of the end of day procedure. Powerful security features are standard.


key features
    - Powerful SQL database
    - Data transfer using ADSL
    - Advanced security features
    - Custom filters for reporting
    - Allows cloning of sites
    - Multi-user