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Fidelity GPos








Fidelity's G-PoS software is a general purpose graphics-based  
 product for use with PC-based 
touch screens.


Each screen is fully user configurable to include graphic images instead of, or as well as, descriptions. In addition, the individual product buttons are infinitely variable in size.

This graphical system reduces the training time for operators and make it virtually language independent.

GPoS can be set up for many different trades and has many powerful features for today's competitive Hospitality/Retail environment.



Comprehensive mix & match tables including

                * Buy one get one free / 3 for 2
                * Buy x amount and get the cheapest free
                * Bucket sale / Set PLU discount
                * Meal deal
                * Automatic mix & match upgrade during transaction
                * Facility for PLU's to be in more than one mix & match table


Receipt functions

                * Barcode on receipt for easy recall of transaction
                * Barcode printed on layaway stub for easy recall of transaction
                * Option of A4 receipt




Security Functions

                * Discounts, voids, refunds, P/O, R/A etc by barcode card
                * All functions under manager control
               * All discounts routed back to PLU for correct BOS VAT / Profit
               * Intelligent correction recalculates discounts
               * Seven reporting levels - ie seven z reports
               * Log on by barcode / magnetic card, pin number or Dallas key


Peripherals               * Chip & Pin EFT with cash Back
               * Link to Metler Toledo UC and Visa electronic sales
               * Remote display either RS232 device, 2nd PC screen or both
               * Option of two cash drawers
               * Configurable for multiple barcode scanners
               * Kitchen printers with optional separate PLU name


Other features

               * PLU screen search
               * Works on standard PC hardware
               * Serial number tracking
               * Adds "not found" PLU's during registration
               * Handles prices / weight embedded barcodes
               * Report collection / PLU changing does not hamper operation
               * All reports derived from date / time stamped transaction log
               * Floating Clerks
               * Floating Tables
               * Cooking Instructions
               * Condiments
               * Up to 32 condiment look-ups