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Fidelity Leisure Touch

Fidelity Leisure Touch




Fidelity Leisure Touch is a completely integrated solution

 with modules for admissions, booking, marketing, bars &

 catering and
back office.






The admissions module utilizes 17” touch monitors and Fidelity’s G-PoS software. The screens are  
 fully user configurable to suit each individual method of operation and employ an advanced  
 graphical user interface. Staff log on can be by many methods including Dallas key, pin number,  
 magnetic card or bar coded card. Advanced password control facilities allow management to
 decide how much data is to be made available to each operator. Many on screen prompts are
 available for staff when for instance a clients membership has expired or to warn that the card being used has been stolen or lost.



 The booking module can be run either on the front desk touch screens or from the back office
 according to preference. The software is fully configurable and a suite of reports can be further
 tailored to suit the client. The user interface is colour coded to allow the operator to see at a glance
 the type of bookings during the day. Bookings can be quickly moved around by simply dragging and dropping them to other areas of the booking sheet. In this way, the speed of operation of the system is not compromised. The booking module interfaces seamlessly with the customer database and marketing module. Customer searches employ routines to quickly find the member from the marketing database.




Fidelity’s Instant Leisure software is an extremely powerful and flexible system combining a customer profile database and the latest modern communications methods. The search engine enables sophisticated searches to be conducted which enable the effect of say a product promotion or a marketing letter to be measured. Data from product promotions can be valuable to suppliers and often they assist with promotional costs if the results are made available to them. Instant Leisure’s filter editor, when used in conjunction with Instant Drilldown, gives additional fields to filter. These include: Product code, Clerk code, price, quantity etc. Filters can therefore be produced down to a single product purchased by a customer, served by a particular clerk from a certain ECR. Over time, with every swipe of the membership card, a profile of the member is built showing details such as frequency of visits, spending patterns, time of visits etc. From this information, specific promotions and marketing programmes can be developed to attract new members, encourage existing members to use the facilities more often and even to spend more.

Fidelity’s Total Control software is designed to manage the data from most major manufacturers Point of Sale terminals. Using the power of Crystal Reports, Total Control has an extensive range of sales & profit reports covering all aspects of the business. Specific reports are available for staff performance, promotions, hourly sales and cashing up. All reports can be formatted over a wide range of dates to enable comparisons with different date ranges to be achieved. With its simple icon driven menu’s, Total Control is quick to learn and easy to use. Password protection means access to all or part of the software can be restricted to authorised users.


Sales & Profit Reports: These reports show a products actual sales and profitability by date ranges. Most importantly low margins are immediately identifiable. The Sales & Profit report can also be filtered to show the best and worst selling products.

Promotional loss Report: This gives the difference between the RRP and the actual sales when discounts or promotions have been applied to a product. Hourly Reports: These can be formatted by date range and show the busiest and slackest trading times. These reports include graphs as standard. Clerk Reports: The clerk reports highlight the busiest staff and breaks the data down into such things as Media’s, Corrections, Voids, Refunds, No Sales etc by each staff member. The staff reports can again be formatted by date range. Cash Reports: These ranges of reports show the totals of the different media’s used for that period together with cash declaration differentials.


Maintaining effective stock control is important in all types and size of business, but it can be critical in the smaller one. Fidelity’s Total Control with Stock gives hospitality and retail operators the tools and reports to manage this critical and time-consuming area of the business.

                Reports include:

                 *             Stock movement

                 *             Stock valuation

                 *             Deliveries (GRV)

                 *             Returns

                 *             Stock below minimum

                 *             Stock on order

                 *             Days stock left

                 *             Current stock levels

                 *             Stock variance

Key Features
*             Simple to maintain product file

*             Easy to use menu system

*             Clerk / operator maintenance

*             System log

*             Touch screen designer

*             Meaningful management reports

*             Seamless links to Sage accounting software

*             Scaleable from single site to multiple sites

*             Context sensitive help